The best comedians that died before their time

The best comedians that died before their time

November 24, 2018 0 By Vincent Getto

Comedy has been around for ages but it did not rise to the popularity enjoyed by other entertainment forms because it is not an easy art to learn. In recent times, however, comedians have infiltrated the Hollywood and now you can see them almost everywhere.


Comedy is a hard business. It takes years to master and a lot of luck to be able to make a living from it. Many famous comedians didn’t survive long enough to be recognised for their talent. Here are some of the best comedians that died before their time.

  1. Lenny Bruce

The first name in our list is the man considered to be the father of modern stand-up comedy. Leonard Alfred Schneider became popular by his stage name Lenny Bruce. Lenny was notorious for his freestyle satire and it got him into trouble with the law enforcement on many occasions. He was even convicted on an obscenity charge in 1964 and was pardoned posthumously in 2003. The best comedians of the world like George Carlin, consider Lenny Bruce as their Idol. He died in 1966 at the age of 41 due to an overdose.

  1. Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks is another comedian who was taken from us too early. If he had been alive, Hicks would have been considered among the ranks of Richard Pryor and George Carlin as the greatest comedians ever. He used stand-up comedy to hold a mirror to the society that was rampant with consumerism. He was critical of the media’s superficiality and mediocrity and considered it as a tool used by the elites to control the masses. Hicks died in 1994 at the age of 32 due to cancer.

  1. Greg Giraldo

Greg Giraldo was only 45 when he died due to an accidental overdose of a prescription medication. Giraldo was Harvard educated and had released two best-selling albums. He was loved for his routines in the annual Comedy Central Roasts. Though he came into the comedy circle late in life, the tragic loss is felt until this day because of the brilliance of his comic mind. His acts were dark and acerbic and entertaining at the same time.

  1. Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg never became famous as a comedian when he was alive. He was considered a master of absurd one-liners and most of his fame came after his death in 2005. Like many of his kind, he died due to a drug overdose.