Where to watch funny porn videos online


We are all used to porn presenting certain…not so accurate things, one of those is obviously the sex itself, some of it is in the voices the actors make, however those more savvy of us might just note, most porn actors don’t laugh during sex. Now this lack of laughter in free porn may be irrelevant to some, however to others the laughter is a vital part of the experience, and precisely for those we’re bringing the best funny porn sites where you can watch all the funny porn videos you want.



Efukt- Efukt is an almost-unique website in that its contents are not just mainly, but exclusively amateur funny scenes filmed. If you’re looking for blooper porn you won’t be finding it here, however if all you want to see is a good natured laugh mid fucking, then you’ve come to the right place. It might look a bit dated with its design and everything, however efukt has all the necessary functionality a new age pornsite needs to have for itself. In addition to this its completely free, so theres no need to pay into any pesky subscription fees, you just sit back and enjoy the porn you’ve tried so much to get. And with funny porn being such a rare niche, who could really blame you for using a less than superbly designed website.


9GAG2- 9GAG, the famous comedy website is known all over the world, however slightly less common is its less SFW counterpart, 9GAG2 is a website in design similar to its regular cousin, however the way it utilizes this design isn’t just to show regular people doing funny stuff, it is to show people fucking each other and the hilarity that comes with sex otherwise. Unlike Efukt whose main con was the design of their website, 9GAG2 excels in this regard, showing that the design team really put their weight in, this is one of those sites where you just don’t know what you’ll find, it could merely be run of the mill regular porn, it could be a funny blooper from a professionally made movie, or it could even be a little snipped of an amateur porn film going into a way which isn’t all screaming and begging for more, or at the least, not in the same way.  This site has scarcely any overlap with efukt so in our opinion, it would be the best if these sites were used together with one another to bring the best experience possible.


With these two sites in conjunction you should be well equipped to find whatever funny porn suites your personal taste through minimal effort.